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Tarot or Psychic Medium Readings with Chris 
(In Person/Telephone/Electronic or Postal Mail)

For those looking for a professional intuitive tarot reading, Chris is available for in person readings either at Anwar Firestorm in West Allis, WI or a different predetermined location in the Milwaukee area. You can also receive a reading from Chris via phone or electronic or postal mail. With electronic or postal mail readings, you will receive a photograph of your card layout and a detailed, written response from Chris. Chris works with a number of different Tarot layouts ranging from working with past lives, Chakra readings, personal and professional matters, and more. 

Pricing is as Follows...

In Person or Telephone Readings (Offsite In Person Readings Add $10)

-$35 for 30 Minutes

-$60 for 60 Minutes

-$85 for 90 Minutes

Electronic or Postal Mail Readings

-$35 for 1 Question

-$60 for 2 Questions

-$85 for 3 Questions

Psychic medium readings are also available for those that wish to receive messages from their deceased loved ones or guides on the other side. Contact Chris at [email protected] or 414-213-1856 for more information.

Chris is also available for Tarot or Medium readings for parties or other events.


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