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            Online Year and a Day Program
It is common in Wicca for one to study for a year and a day before earning a degree level, or in between levels.  The year and a day is often found in other paths of Paganism as well.  We believe that our Online Year and a Day training program is ample enough time for one to learn the Ways of the Witch and to learn a bit about themselves along the way.  

Our Online Year and a Day program will teach the basics of Witchcraft including Gods and Goddesses, the Wheel of the Year, altars, history of Witchcraft and Paganism, beginning Spellwork, grounding and centering techniques, basic herb, oil, and incense magick, and more.  

Those enrolled in this program will be assigned 13 readings along with enrichment exercises and self studio over the course of their year and a day.  Other benefits of this program include:

 -Online support and interaction with Chris and Kris

-Access to all required course readings

 -The ability to interact with other students from around the world

-A discount on all products ordered from Anwar Firestorm 

 -Access to group ritual celebrations

 The cost of our Online Year and a Day Program  is $25 per month, charged via Paypal once per month for 12 months. To enroll, click the button below.


For questions about our Online Year and a Day Program, please contact:

Chris at [email protected] or 414-213-1856
Kris at [email protected] or 414-736-3286



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